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Nature Cards

Bringing the beauty of nature into everyone's life

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My Michigan Yard
Nature Photography- Quality photo prints for your home and office décor!
Nature Cards is now 'FeatherWindStudio' and much more than just note cards! I offer small to large prints and will take custom orders. Find me on Etsy and place your orders there! Sorry for any inconvenience, but I no longer accept orders from this website.  (See Etsy link below for my extensive collection of nature photos)
I offer a unique blend of photography and artistic digital enhancements. Whether you are looking for animals, birds, insects, flowers, trees, scenery, sunsets and more; there is something to please every nature lover. Each Nature Card is a work of art suitable for framing. (That is exactly what many of my customers do, so I also offer larger prints.)
What makes my photos so unique is they are more than just "nice pictures." While some of my photos I have only slightly enhanced or altered, others I have taken to the extreme. Lots of time and care is given to each individual photograph to get the right look that will spark an emotion in the recipient of the card or print. Either way, the end result is pleasant; sometimes eye-popping and always totally cool!
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My goal is to bring people back to nature. Or at least bring nature to them. After all, what's more relaxing and stress-relieving than a walk in the woods, an evening on the deck or a scenic drive through a National Park?
That is what I hope my nature photography will bring to you. Just a small reminder of what awaits when you do a little exploring.
Unless stated otherwise, my photos are all taken in the wild, of wild creatures, and great care is taken to never jeopardize the safety or well-being of any wild creature.
After over two decades of bird watching and nature photography, this is still a work in progress and I'm always adding new photos to my collection.
If you are looking for a particular bird, animal, wildflower, or nature scene, contact me and I'll see what I can do for you. I have a huge selection of photos and I obviously can't present all of them here.
Your satisfaction is always 100% guaranteed!