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Bringing the beauty of nature into everyone's life

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About Us 

I am a bird watcher, nature photographer and writer. My educational background is in Landscape Horticulture. My goal is to combine those interests and bring the wonders of nature into everyone's life!

My photographs have won contests and awards, and made the cover of a local magazine in 2004. Some of my images are currently being sold locally in an art gallery and gift shops. Now I'm also on Etsy. Visit my shop here:

My writing and photographs have also been published in 'Bird Watcher's Digest,' 'Wildbird,' and 'Birds and Blooms.'


History of Nature Cards

I was introduced to the wonderful hobby of bird watching over two decades ago. It was then I developed a desire to travel to bird-rich areas of the country to see all the different species. (Like this brilliant Summer Tanager I photographed in Texas.)


The challenge of identifying birds to species, like the Indigo Bunting compared to the Blue Grosbeak on my homepage, inspired me to buy a camera so I could later compare my pictures to those in the field guides.
A quick glance at a constantly-moving wild bird in the field doesn't always present the opportunity to see all the field marks. It can be overwhelming to a beginning bird watcher when they get home later and look at a field guide trying to make an identification. 
I quickly developed an appreciation for all of nature and began to photograph as much of it as possible. My desire to see and learn about nature continues to grow.
Hopefully, my photos will bring a little introduction, understanding and appreciation for the wonders of nature to others who care as much as I do about it. This great country has so much to offer the outdoor enthusiast like myself.
Customer testimonials;
Reviews can be read in my Etsy shop here:
This photo is of the first art show I ever did at the local art gallery. My photography has evolved so much since then!